Photographic art by Tom Brickhouse may be purchased in many formats and sizes from any of the following outlets. Each one offer different items and prices.

If you see something on one of my Gallery pages you would like a print of and can’t fine it in one of these shops, please contact me and I will add it to one of these shops. However if you would just like to tell me what you want, you can do show and in that case I will do the rest for you.

Fine Art America is the world’s largest art marketplace and print-on-demand technology company, helping artists sell wall art, home décor, apparel, and other products since 2006.
society6 is a market place for artists to sell their work. My photos are available in art prints, framed print and much more. You can even get some of my photos on a coffee mug.

GEO Galleries offers a large variety of photographic art products. They have very good tools for building designing a matted, framed photo printed on quality paper.